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How to be an Air Traffic Controller in India

What are the basic educational qualifications (degrees) needed to apply for the civil ATC entrance exam?

Engineering Degree in Electronics / Tele Communication / Radio Engg. / Electrical with specialization in Electronics with Ist class (60%)


M.Sc Degree or its equivalent with Wireless Communication, Electronics, Radio Physics or Radio Engg. as a special Subject


Equivalent with 1st Class

What is the age limit required to apply for the civil ATC entrance exams?

Lower age limit is 21 years, while the upper age limit is 27 years

What is the selection criteria?

The selection shall be made on the basis of a

  • Written test

    • 50% questions on subjects relating to educational qualifications prescribed

    • 50% on General Knowledge, General Intelligence, General Aptitude, English etc.

  • Voice test

  • Personal Interview

  • Medical fitness as per ICAO Annex-1

Standard reservation policy applies for SC/ST/OBC/Ex-Servicemen. Physically Handicapped candidates please excuse.

Once a final batch of candidates are selected, where are they sent for their further training?

Civil Aviation Training Colleges at Allahabad, UP or at Hyderabad, AP

What is the duration of this training and what are the various modules studied and practicals undergone during the training?

At present it is a year-long ab-initio training (Under revision to make it in two sections of six months each)


  • Air Traffic Services

  • Aerodromes and Ground Aids

  • Air Legislation

  • Meteorology

  • Communication Procedures

  • Technical

  • Search and Rescue

  • Air Navigation

What is the cost of this training?

Costs are borne by the Airports Authority of India - the recruiter

Is there a possibility of a candidate getting disqualified midway through his training? If so, then on what grounds?

Yes, if a candidate is unable to secure 70% passing marks in two attempts in any of the modules, he/she gets disqualified

Once the training is complete, what posts are open to these students?

Junior Executive (ATC)

Do they apply for jobs individually? What is the employment-scene like these days? Do qualified students get jobs easily or unemployment still prevails?

Airports Authority of India (AAI) is the sole employer of the civil ATCs, in India (Some small players do exist e.g. HAL and small private airports who also recruit ATCs mainly from the AAI employees)

The training is imparted only after recruitment. So if one clears the training successfully he/she is guaranteed of the job

What is the starting pay scale for ATC officers?

During training, trainees are paid a stipend of INR 7500 pm with free lodging and boarding at CATC, Allahabad, UP

The pay scale for Junior Executive (ATC) is INR 16400-40500. Additionally, a JE (ATC) is entitled to various allowances depending on the ATC skills one acquires (Rating Allowances) and the city in which they are posted.

Is the job transferable? If so, which authority decides the transfer of an ATC officer?

All India transferable by the employer (Airports Authority of India)

What are the negative and positive aspects of this profession?

Negative: High stress, Shift duties, Extra work load, Non availability of leaves, Lack of Social life due strange shift pattern and no standard festivals' leaves, very high professional risk

Positive: Challenging environment, split second decision making, independent decisions, Work is not to be carried home

What are the various ranks that an ATC officer can climb through?

  • Junior Executive

  • Assistant Manager

  • Manager

  • Senior Manager

  • Assistant General Manager

  • Deputy General Manager

  • Joint General Manager

  • General Manager

  • Executive Director (ATM)

  • Member (ATM) in AAI Board

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