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Air Traffic Control

Why do we need it? - its Objective.


Aviation has come a long way since the days when safe operation between aircraft was based purely on the 'SEE AND BE SEEN' principle. Control Tower With the aircraft closing speeds in excess of 1000 mph, and increasing density of air traffic, the impracticability of reliance upon such a system is obvious.

Hence the need for air traffic control service has arisen. The need to safeguard passengers, crew and aircraft is now met by ground based infrastructure, in which air traffic controllers issue mandatory instructions to pilots. The aim of Air Traffic Control Service is to ensure a safe, orderly and expeditious flow of air traffic.  

Primary objective of Air Traffic Control is to prevent collisions between aircraft.

In order to achieve this objective, the Air Traffic Controller issues clearances to provide safe separation between aircraft at any given time. Internationally agreed standards and procedures are followed to accommodate the aircraft movements in a safe and orderly manner.


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Air Traffic Control


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